This article is written in collaboration with Tromsø Taxi.

– Often you’ve come a long way when you arrive at Tromsø Lufthavn Airport. If there’s a lot of arrivals at the same time there will often be a taxi queue. It is very rewarding to give our guest the perfect start to their stay, says Christoffer Indal - taxi driver at Tromsø Taxi.

He has been a driver for the company for 14 years and his advice is easy for a carefree start your stay:

Download the Taxifix app and make life easy! 

If you do so your transport will be ready when you arrive at the airport and the experienced drivers will get you safe and sound to the address where you will be staying whilst at the same time give you good advice and guidance for your stay.

A lot of people seem to think taxi is expensive, but the fact it that it’s rather affordable. If you’re multiple passengers, the prize will succumb to the same as if you were to take the bus to the most areas in Tromsø. It’s also an easier, less time-consuming and more agreeable way to travel with luggage after a long flight.

Christoffer Indahl from Tromsø Taxi. Photo: Isak Hansen.

TaxiFix – safe and easy way of travel in Tromsø

Throughout your Tromsø-stay it will be practical to have the ability to take a taxi.

You don’t know the address where you’re at?

Don’t hesitate. With the TaxiFix-app the taxi driver will always find your exact geographical location and you can also have an easy contact with the driver through the app. If you lose or forget something in the taco, you will also have the contact info for the taxi who drove you and your companions.

Here you can also pre-book taxi to and from the airport. Tromsø Taxi's international number: +47776 03 000.

Be smart - Download Taxifix here.

Driving in the Arctic Capital

Christoffer is born and raised in Tromsø. At Tromsøya there’s a lot of steep hills and potentially difficult driving conditions if there’s been a lot of troublesome weather.

That’s not a problem for the experienced driver.

– When you’ve driven so many years in this town, the winter conditions is not the biggest problem. We’re used to getting us from A to B and are well prepared for the varying driving conditions. Yesterday we went from a crazy blizzard to clear blue sky and a lot minus degrees. That´s naturally very exotic for the tourist, says Christoffer with a smile.

Charlien og Denis from France visited Tromsø for a week and fell in love with the town.

– Tromsø is an incredible beautiful place. We will travel back here when the spring arrives, said the couple just before leaving the “Paris of the North” in its winter dress.

Welcome back. Tromsø Taxi will be ready waiting at the airport.

Denis and Charlien welcomed by Tromsø Taxi. Photo: Isak Hansen.

December 21, 2022

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