Welcome to Tromsolove

We feel very proud to launch our very first version of Tromsolove magazine! When we started the Tromsolove instagram page 8 years ago, we could only dream of this day.

The aim of this magazine is to make you more familiar with the all the great things Tromsø has to offer.  This is mainly expressed by showing off the city and all the wonderful people who live and visit us! We hope we have managed to succeed in this effort, and we are incredibly appreciative of everyone who has been involved along the way. Recommendations, feedback and not least everyone sharing their favourite photos and videos, which means that we get a unique and varied insight into our city.

With that being said, there are still thousands of stories waiting to be told. In this version, we have met some of the people who create and carry the city and its core values. Throughout 2023, you will meet more faces, hear and see more stories. We appreciate all the input to our editors and feel free to discuss exciting collaborations with us at any time.

We are very much looking forward to the continuation. Get in touch. Together we can make great things happen!

Kind regards,
Team Tromsolove

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